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Dermatologist - Venereologist, Geta Doulaveri

Here you can learn about the services provided by the Dermatologist – Venereologist, Geta Doulaveri at her clinic in Chania.

Our skin is a reflection of both our physical and mental wellbeing, and therefore, is an indicator of our overall health. My genuine interest in this field of medicine led me to choose this specialty, and since then, trying to develop my knowledge in this field. Finding solutions to my patients’ dermatological problems is fulfilling.

While addressing the individual needs of each patient, not only do I build a relationship of trust between us, but I feel that I am evolving further as a scientist and as an individual. In this day and age, one area of ​​my job that I am most concerned with is the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. This is due to the constant movement of populations, as well as the lack of proper information. Therefore, I consider it my duty to ensure that all my patients are provided with necessary information to be aware of the possible consequences. My greatest motivation is to help them enhance their daily, improve their health and their love  of life.

Something that brings great joy and happiness to the people who visit me is the aesthetic dermatological support that I am able to provide. The rejuvenation and radiance of people’s skin gives them confidence, optimism and satisfaction. I, in turn, feel satisfied knowing that I have contributed to this change.

I feel that I have won a place in the hearts of my patients, who see me not only as a doctor, but also as a friend who can be trusted. I am grateful for the love they show me. It honors me and encourages me to continue my mission to be surrounded by smiling faces, as was my dream as a child.


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