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Skin mapping is a safe way to detect malignant melanoma early. The constant monitoring of skin blemishes is becoming increasingly important.  can save lives!

Melanoma is a malignant skin tumor that can form from an existing skin blemish or even grow on healthy skin. In recent years, the number of melanoma cases has increased dramatically.

In Europe as well as America, more than 1 million skin tumors are diagnosed each year, of which 1 in 100 skin cancers are malignant melanoma.

Although melanoma is 100% curable if detected early, many patients die from this form of skin cancer at an early age. Dermatoscopy or dermoscopy is a non-invasive painless diagnostic procedure in which a special video camera and a skin electron microscope (dermatoscope) map the skin blemishes (moles) and other skin abnormalities in order to prevent malignant skin problems.

Video recordings of skin blemishes are a safe way to prevent skin cancer. With the help of a video camera, the dermatologist compiles an accurate list of skin spots, which includes panoramic photos of the patient’s body that help locate each skin spot.

Skin spots that require closer monitoring are photographed individually, using digital technology alongside a dermatoscope (skin microscope). The dermatoscope allows the assessment of specific structural features of the skin spots, which are not visible otherwise. In this way, the accuracy of the diagnosis of melanoma significantly increases. Images are recorded and stored electronically. This method makes it easy to accurately compare previous images with the most recent ones. These are reviewed at regular intervals. This way, even the tiniest changes will be detected. The slightest change in the appearance of skin spots will appear and will be accurately assessed by the dermatologist.

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