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The light produced by the Alexandrite Laser targets the melanin of the hair follicle cells. Melanin is a dark pigment produced by the melanocytes of the skin. People’s skin and hair color can be attributed to this pigment. When LASER light hits melanin-containing cells, it is completely absorbed by this pigment causing the cells to be destroyed. The hair follicle is essentially where the hair is born and therefore the destruction of the hair follicle results in the gradual weakening of the hair growth and progressively leads to its final elimination. This phenomenon is called “Eclectic Photothermolysis” and is the basis of LASER hair removal technology.

This is extremely safe for light skin, as LASER light is not absorbed by melanin-free surfaces. In Mediterranean countries this LASER, with the appropriate choice of treatment parameters, is a very good and effective solution. In contrast, it is not conducive for dark or recently tanned complexions. This type of LASER is the most effective in the treatment of hair growth that includes black or dark hair, anywhere on the body.

Since the philosophy of LASER is based on the absorption of light by melanin, LASER Alexandrite has no therapeutic effect on white or blonde hair which has no melanin. In such cases we turn to electrolysis type solutions.

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