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Why Choose Electric Hair Removal?

Choosing temporary hair removal methods is painful, costly and never ends. In fact, on the face which is an androgen-dependent area, these methods worsen hair growth, often create follicles, injure, loosen the skin and most often create hyperpigmentation at the points where they are applied.

Permanent radical hair removal frees you from this daily routine.  Electric hair removal is an option that will enhance your natural beauty and self-confidence. It reduces the stress caused by unwanted hair growth and helps you feel more attractive. You can be sure that permanent hair removal will make a positive change to your life.

How does it work;

The destruction of hair regenerative cells is done either thermally or chemically, or a combination of both.

All three methods are equally effective and safe. The appropriate pulse series is selected depending on the quality and texture of the hair.

  • Electrolysis

The electric current is channeled through a needle into the hair follicle and acts on the tissue fluid, creating a solution of NaOH (sodium caustic), which destroys the hair regenerative cells.

  • Thermolysis

The tip of the needle is used to pass a high-frequency current to the hair follicle. As a result, the fluid of the tissues surrounding the needle is heated and the hair regenerative cells are destroyed.  As the temperature of the hair follicles increases, proteolysis of the proteins that hold the cells together occurs and protein denaturation occurs. Denaturation is an irreversible condition, because of the radical changes made to the protein molecule.

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